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Arbitration Court of Fortaleza

Arbitration deals with questions that involve available wealth (rights that allow disclaim, alienation, transaction, transmission and prescription, that is, it is the right to which one may attribute a pecuniary value, an economic value).

The adoption of mediation and arbitration stands for an agile and efficient alternative for the administration and solution of controversy and has as its main feature the celerity on the proceedings pace implying thus rapid conclusion with favorable economic and financial outcomes, easily realized by the parties in question.

The ARBITRATION COURT OF FORTALEZA is composed of the combination of multi-disciplinary experiences and provides the business community and the people in general, human and technical resources of the most advanced level, identified among high level professionals in several fields of knowledge, perfectly capable to act with the mediation and arbitration of agreement divisions that may be framed into the Brazilian Arbitration Law (no. 9,307/96).

Founded in September 2003 by Dr. Anotnieta Alves Melo, bachelor in Philosophy from Faculdade Católica de Filosofia e Estudos Sociais in 1954 and graduated from Law at Universidade Federal do Ceará, class of 1968, regularly registered at OAB/CE (Brazilian Bar Association) under the number 1725 e retired Public Defender. Held by Dr. Harold Fran de Melo Martins, graduated from UNIFOR in the class of 1990,2. Regularly registered at OAB/CE (Brazilian Bar Association) under the number 8,628. Having already been a member of the Justice Promotion Committee and the Attorney Defense and Assistance Committee. Specialization in Commerce and Trade Law with special mastering on commercial negotiations, preparation of trade agreements and certificates of incorporation, also acting in the establishment and organization of national and foreign capital partnership, with wide experience with security bonds, attending specialization course in Civil Procedural Law at Faculdade Farias Brito, and presently studying Commerce and Trade Law at Universidade Estadual do Ceará.

Dr. Antonieta Alves Melo
Dr. Harold Fran de M. Martins
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